Friday, November 29, 2013

Walt Disney's World's Rapid Fill Mugs

The Rapid Fill Mugs at the Walt Disney World Resorts

By: Nick, co-writer of the Disney Musings Blog
Back in the day, you would buy a refillable mug at a Disney resort, and then bring it each trip. Then they changed the policy, and you were expected to buy one each trip. Of course you COULD always just bring the mug from a previous trip and refill those for free, but like religion and politics, I don't discuss this subject in polite conversation.

Now, with the new Rapid Fill Mugs you really don't have a choice but to pay for beverages each trip.
You purchase your mug at your resort's quick service restaurant, and it is programmed according to your stay, or any number of days you would like to program it for.

The prices below are valid as of 9/28/13.

They can be refilled, as far as I could tell, as often as you'd like during your stay at the soda stations found throughout the resort, or any other resort you visit. They are not good at the Theme Parks, though I actually have been told that people have refilled them at the parks, and nobody objected. The little screens tell you how many days you have left to refill your mug. If you try to use a regular cup at these machines, they simply won't work!
There are no such restrictions on the coffee and tea machines, so I suppose you COULD bring in an older mug and refill those as often as you'd like, though the Cast Members would more than likely spot that you are using an older, non Rapid Fill branded mug.
Because these are RFID chips, the "Rapid Fill" mugs should be reprogrammable, but according to a Cast Member I spoke to, they currently are NOT, so you will receive a new mug on future visits.
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