Friday, March 7, 2014

Have You Ever Had a Shandy at Epcot?

By: Nick

Have you ever had a Shandy? Have you ever heard of a Shandy? I cannot recall where I first heard about them, but when I did, I knew I wanted one.

What is a Shandy? In the real United Kingdom, a Shandy is beer mixed with carbonated lemonade.

At the Rose and Crown Pub at Epcot's United Kingdom Pavilion, it's 1/2 Sprite & 1/2 Bass Ale or Harp Lager.

Bartender Adam serving up my first Shandy, made with Bass Ale.

A couple of nights ago, my friend Ron was kind enough to buy me one. I chose to have this one made with Harp Lager, as I was told by the bartender that it is less sweet.
I liked this even more!
Next time you're in Epcot, give a Shandy a try.
This article was originally posted on the Disney Musings Blog which Nick co-writes with his wife, Barbie, and contributions from friends.

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