Friday, February 21, 2014

The World Premier Food Court at Disney's All Star Movies Resort

by: Nick Maglio, co writer of the Disney Musings Blog

The World Premier Food Court is located just off the main lobby of the All Star Movies Resort in Walt Disney World. On a recent trip, we stayed one night, so only had lunch here.

The food court has a movie marquee theme, with different "theaters" having a variety of food options.

We chose our lunch selections from the Majestic menu.

My wife, Barbie, had the Hot Italian Sandwich with the cucumber salad. The salad was very heavy on the onions, but tasty. The sandwich was very good, I kept stealing bites.

The chips were also really good, but I'd have liked them a little saltier. The Meatball Sub was surprisingly delicious. I say surprisingly because the sauce and meatballs were actually better than I've had at some authentic Italian restaurants!

If we were staying at All Star Movies for more than one evening, we absolutely would've eaten here again!

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