Friday, October 25, 2013

From Bean to the Bar at Epcot

By: Nick, co-writer of the Disney Musings Blog

There are some sweet creations and free chocolate samples to be had at Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival Center.

The Chocolate Experience: From Bean to the Bar is presented by Ghirardelli Chocolate.

Here you can find the history of Ghirardelli...

...learn about how chocolate is made...

...and DRINK chocolate! No, it's not like drinking a hot chocolate. This is "Drinking Chocolate", and it is like sipping on an amazing chocolate bar! You can also buy wine, but I was just there for  the chocolate!

You can also buy chocolate bars of course.

Bags of the little sample sizes.

Build your own tin with whatever flavor you'd like.

There are even artistic creations created with the sweets on display.

If you look closely, you may spot a couple of hidden Mickey's in the display below.

For last years chocolate art creations, please check out this great article from our friend Gaylin. And did I mention the free samples? It's worth stopping by this wonderful spot if just for that!

This article was originally posted on the Disney Musings Blog, which Nick co-writes with his wife, Barbie. 
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